Things I Love

All things fashion, makeup and home decor are a few of the things I love. Morphe and Coulor Pop are probably my top favorite when it comes to eye pallets. The are super affordable and have a great impact as eyeshadows.

My favorite places to shop are mostly for my kids. Oshkosh, Gap, Target http://target.comand Zulilly. I know I can always find a sale at one or all of these places. My youngest just started pre-k and its funny how he has already stated to find his own since of style. Jeans. Jeans, and more jeans. He will have the knees torn out of them in no time so I am always scouring the internet for a deal and can always count on one of these places to meet my need.

When it comes to clothes for myself I have to say I am an Amazon and Target girl. I love target because you can get the current style for a fraction of the price of some of the more trendy retailers. Amazon never fails to deliver as well.

Home decor. I love Wayfair and Kirkland’s I have to admit most of my house decor has came from Kirkland’s. Again they never disappoint and always have a great sale going. Amazon http://amazon.comhas begun to corner the market in home decor and I have purchased a few pieces of furniture that I am absolutely in love with over the last few months.

These are just a few of the places I love to shop and feel you get the best for your money. I do not get any commission from these websites but just wanted to share some of my favorite places to go to get that perfect item I’m looking for so feel free to use the links. Happy Shopping!